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Family Ski Vacation at Oberjoch Familux Resort

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Oberjoch Resort is a part of Familux Resorts, one of the leading group of resorts catering to families with kids. It is an all-inclusive 4-star hotel that offers a wide variety of unique experiences for kids and adults.


Since we have kids, we have been spending our vacations at Family hotels atleast once a year. We love all-inclusive hotels for a lot of reasons:


  • Most of the family hotels provide child care. You can leave the kids with well experienced baby sitters while the adults can relax or do something for themselves.
  • All-inclusive hotels serve food and drinks at all times (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks)
  • There are a lot of activities and entertainment included for the entire family

This year, when we thought of going on a family ski vacation, we wanted to find a hotel that was not only close to the ski slopes but also took care of all the ski lessons, ski rentals, etc for all of us including the kids. Our agenda was to learn skiing and in our spare time, relax while the kids got to have their fun! That was when we found out about the Oberjoch Familux Resort and booked it immediately.


Oberjoch Familux Resort


This family hotel is located at an altitude of 1200 meters in the ski and mountain village of Oberjoch situated in the middle of the Allgäu Alps.


Driving from Schaffhausen in Switzerland to the hotel takes approximately 3h. Make sure you have all the stickers required for the roads you will be taking.

The closest Airport to the hotel is Memmingen airport, approximately one hour’s drive from the Oberjoch Familux Resort. The closest railway station is at Sonthofen. From here there are buses or taxis that will take you to the resort. The hotel also organizes free shuttle service from the station to the hotel.

Arrival & Reception

Finding the resort was not difficult. There was no concierge service and when we arrived, we did not know where to park or how to bring all the luggage from our car. However, after a short talk with the receptionist inside, we were given all the instructions on how to proceed.

While Mike parked the car, I took the kids inside the hotel. When you enter the resort from the Main entrance, there is a huge lounge with lots of plush sofas and chairs for the guests to relax while the kids play with the toys set out in the lounge. We were greeted by a friendly receptionist who was more than happy to check us in. There was no personal tour of the hotel, however, the receptionist explained us where everything was in the resort.


Mike brought all the luggage into our room using one of the luggage trolleys available in the hotel. We had booked the room “Casa”, perfect for a family of 4. The room had a comfortable king size bed for adults, a kids bedroom with a bunk bed, a small lounge with sofa, writing table and a TV, a bathroom with shower and a toilet, and a small walk-in closet.
The room was very well thought out for the kids. There was an additional toilet sink for the small kids in the bathroom. Bathrobes and slippers were available for us to use. Our room was free of breakable things which meant the kids could run around freely without me keeping an extra eye on them breaking anything.

Restaurant, Food and Drinks

The restaurant was on the first floor. Every family was allocated a booth for the entire stay.

As I mentioned, it was an all-inclusive hotel, which meant all the meals were part of the price. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and drinks like soft drinks were part of the package. The meals were served as a buffet.

There were one or two small playrooms for the kids to play in (after they finished eating) while parents could enjoy a peaceful meal. We were lucky to be seated next to one of those playrooms. We could enjoy almost all our meals.

My favorite meal of the day was breakfast. The breakfast buffet included sausages, different kinds of eggs, local cheese, varieties of breads and fruits, pancakes, waffles, and cold and hot beverages! There was a separate section for kids to go and pick the food themselves!

If you were planning on staying out during lunchtime, you could even pack a lunch bag and take it with you.
Lunch and dinner buffets consisted of different kinds of cuisines. The best part was no two days were served the same food in the one week we stayed there. From salads, soups, and appetizers to the main courses and desserts, there were so many choices to pick from. There were many options for the kids too!

In the afternoon, cakes were served along with sandwiches. Sometimes, they even prepared cotton candies!
Coffee and tea were available at all times in the restaurant and at the entrance lounge.

They had a wide selection of wine and other alcoholic drinks (including cocktails and mocktails) which could be ordered from the Drinks menu.

Kids Club

The resort has many kids’ clubs available for kids of different ages. For babies, there is a Baby Club. For toddlers, there is a Toddler Club. For kids up to age 5, there is a Mini Club. For kids from ages 6-10, there is an Adventure Club. For teens up to age 15, there is a Teenie Club.

There were well-experienced professionals taking care of the kids. Our kids happily stayed in the Toddler Club when we adults wanted to relax or do something together.

Kids who are too shy and are unhappy to leave their parents could play in the various play areas inside the resort.

Wellness & Spa

Oberjoch has a well-equipped indoor swimming pool suitable for the complete family. The panoramic alpine view from the pool area was so refreshing and breathtaking. There was a small outdoor pool area where the water was warm enough for us to stay and enjoy even in the cold weather.

A giant whirlpool and a water slide were fun for the parents to enjoy with their kids. For the little ones, there was a small indoor pool area. Our little one enjoyed being here a lot.

For sauna lovers, there are different kinds of sauna to try. I could relax in the lounge while the kids played at the Kids Club.

There are many Spa treatments available for adults. I went for an Ayurvedic massage and I must say, it was one of the best I have had in a while.

Skiing Facilities

Oberjoch Ski area has been named the best family ski area in the Alps by the German Ski Association. Many people who visit this hotel in winter go skiing as well. The hotel provides free ski passes for all the guests during their stay. The ski school is available right inside the hotel. We could register for our courses, rent ski equipment and get all information here. The ski slope is just a 5min drive by bus. Buses go to and from the hotel very frequently.

We booked Neel`s ski course in the morning and mine at noon. This way, Mike could go skiing when Neel had his class while I stayed at the hotel with Nyra. At noon, I went to my private class while Mike watched the kids or brought them to the Kids club.

Room Service:

Rooms were always cleaned on time. However, we found that some things were not replaced (Tissue box for example).

Other services:

During their stay, the guests could use strollers and backpacks for hikes or walks. There are racks available in the hotel for the guests to keep/ dry their ski equipment.

For fitness lovers, there is a big fitness room with all kinds of equipment to work out with and a beautiful view of the alps.

The hotel also organizes different activities to entertain the kids and the adults. Every day there is a plan showing all the events organized for the day.

What we absolutely loved
  • Everything was taken care of.
  • Kids were looked after so well by experienced professionals
  • Booking ski lessons, renting skis, going to the slope was so easy and convenient
  • The breakfast!! We absolutely loved it
What could be improved
  • Adding more vegetarian options in the lunch and dinner meals is recommended
  • Room service could be improved.
  • Maybe keeping some simple toys in the room (like lego boxes) would be a cool idea to keep the kids happy in the room.
  • Having a concierge service is really helpful especially when the parents are overwhelmed after all the travelling with their kids.
Do we recommend this place?

Absolutely! It is one of the best hotels for families with young kids to spend their vacations.

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